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Professional Development around Need

The SVWP will design professional development for interested schools and districts to assist teachers in using writing as a learning tool or to enhance current writing practices.  In this time of COVID19, we can support asynchronous, on-demand learning for teachers.  Teachers can access the demonstration lessons, pulled from our teacher consultant directory to suit your needs, at their leisure over a week-long span of time. 

The SVWP customized site also manages accountability and feedback on teacher access.

Contact: Director Mary Tedrow at mtedrow99@su.edu

We can provide:

  • Writing in every content area as a tool to deepen and cement learning
  • Writing Workshop
  • Writing with ELLs
  • Writing process from invention to publication
  • Portfolio development and assessment
  • Argument and Persuasive writing through the C3WP program, grades 6-12
  • Asset-based instruction
  • Creative writing
  • Highly engaging strategies
  • Reflective writing and goal setting

SVWP Practices support and enhance Project-Based Learning through the following hallmarks.  Teachers who participate in the Leadership Institute (now also entirely online) gain an understanding of the learning principles of PBL through their experiential, teacher-centered learning.

Challenging Question or Problem: Teachers develop a classroom centered inquiry-based on observed practice.

Sustained inquiry: Teachers enter into the professional discourse, examining practice, developing new strategies and returning to question in a cycle of inquiry.

Authenticity: All SVWP courses and programs are tied directly to what is currently happening in the classroom.

Voice and Choice: Teachers develop their inquiry around successes and choose texts and methods to match their students and curriculum

Reflection: Ongoing written reflection and sharing are imbedded

Critique and Revision: Teachers led a collaborative revision process that develops deep discussion around teacher practice.

Public Product: Teachers share demonstration lessons with peers and contribute to the knowledge of the profession.

Writing in the Content
EDU/WR 636

This course is offered to all K-University teachers.  Each course is tailored to meet the needs of the teachers in the course.  Districts may purchase this course and fill it with up to 22 teachers.  End-of-course evaluations from teachers indicate it is a powerful influence on changing and enhancing teacher practice.  Feedback from participants is 100% positive.

“I brought things back I could share with my colleagues.”

“The course allowed me to see the impact that writing has in the classroom.”

“I have learned so much useful info and practices that I can utilize them for years to come.”

“Excellent hands-on writing ideas.  You could use some of the ideas right away. Good for all teachers..”

“Best course I have ever taken on teaching.”

“This was one of the best classes that I have taken in all my many years! It is so relevant.”

“This is the best class I have taken. I have been able to use things immediately! Loved it.”

“I think every teacher should take this class.  We all need to find ourselves as writers to teach writing.”

“I feel that it has helped me become a better teacher and it also helped me connect with peers from other schools.”

“I appreciated the speakers. I loved how I actually wrote so I really had full emersion of the tools and material. Such a great class!”

First Annual Pineapple Day
November 28, 2018

The TCs of the SVWP opened their classroom doors to share writing in action with their colleagues. SVWP’s  Pineapple Day is an annual event where SVWP TCs spread effective writing practices throughout their buildings.

The Pineapple is the symbol of hospitality and these teachers generously opened their doors and shared their practice.  November 28 is Hawaii day (and where the pineapples grow!)

Garland R. Quarles had the most TCs participating.  A total of six teachers made writing the focus for the day.  From left to right above, Teacher Consultants Teresa Cave, Amanda Estep, Robert Kilby, Heather Campbell, Danielle DeChristopher, and Tara Lockhart.

A visitor (below left) chats with a writer.  Kimberly Peterson, current SVWP Teacher Consultant (pictured at right), visits with more writers at Quarles.

Two young writers take part in a writing lesson.







We Offer Professional Development for Districts

Choose our highly regarded EDUC 636/WRI636 Writing and Learning Across the Curriculum course for Professional Development around teaching writing and using writing as tool for learning in the content area. Available to all teachers, K-University, in any discipline.

The EDUC 636/WRI 636 can be run with a focus on the National Writing Project College Ready Writing Program.  This is an effective professional development for 6-12 teachers in any content.  See the results of a controlled study by SRI International here.

Consider a day or virtually-run week of professional development which offers both choice and engagement for your teachers. Our Teacher Consultants present engaging Demonstration Lessons tailored to your site. In keeping with the philosophy of the NWP, we do not offer single presentations to staff but provide a menu of choices so teachers can select what they need for their instructional purposes.


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